Earn up to 10,000 AA Miles Per Night with This New Promo

American Airlines is offering a new promotion where you can book hotels on their new AAdvantage hotel portal and earn up to 10,000 AA miles per night. American advertises that you can earn up to 10,000 AA miles, but I didn’t find any properties offering 10,000 miles, so I think those be might hard to find.

The new website is powered by Booking.com and the search engine appears to be pretty robust. Simply put in your location and nights and you’ll see the listing populate with different hotel properties. Look for the AAdvantage logo at the bottom of each selection to see how many miles you can earn.  Some will be in the thousands but others will be in the hundreds. 

If you search for multiple nights, the amount of miles you see listed is the total amount that you will earn for all of your nights combined.

If you value American miles at around 1.5 cents per point and can earn 5,000 miles for a night, that’s $75 worth of value received each night. And if you can max out the offer at 10,000 miles, that’s $150! While that’s a nice return, the properties offering 10,000 per night are probably very expensive, so I doubt a “mattress run” for miles will make a lot of sense here.

Be sure to include your AAdvantage number in your booking to ensure that you get the points sent to your account. Also, keep in mind that this is likely the equivalent of booking through Booking.com (an OTA) so it’s likely that you’ll lose out on elite status perks and benefits when making your booking.

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