What Are The Benefits of Hilton Diamond Status?

With Hilton HHonors Diamond status becoming increasingly easier to obtain, many travelers are wondering what exactly are the benefits of Diamond status and whether or not it’s worth it to upgrade from Hilton Gold. This article will cover some of the benefits and provide some insight on whether or not Diamond status is really something worth pursuing.

How do I obtain Hilton Diamond status?

There are a few ways to get to Hilton Diamond status.

Earn it the old-fashioned way

The first is to earn it the old-fashioned way by actually staying at Hilton hotels.

You can earn Diamond status this way be accumulating:

  • 30 stays or
  • 60 nights or
  • 120,000 base points

That’s a lot of stays and nights, so unless you’re a frequent business traveler, it may not be realistic for you.

A far easier method is to obtain Gold status through credit cards and then work your way up to diamond status.

Earn Diamond status with credit cards and status challenges/matches

Easy ways to get Gold status are with The Platinum Card® from American Express and cards like the Hilton HHonorsTM Surpass® Card from American Express. These cards all come with annual fees, but they’ll start you out with Hilton Gold status and then you can look into status challenges to get to Diamond.

  • To look more into applying for these cards click here and here

Once you have Hilton Gold status, you can inquire about a “status challenge.” These challenges involve you staying a certain number of nights within a specified time period to earn status. For example, Hilton recently offered me a challenge to stay 16 nights to earn diamond status (versus the additional 20 nights I would’ve needed).

Another way to earn diamond status is to apply for a status match. You can apply for a status match here. What you’ll have to do is show status with another program and show proof of a stay within the past year with the program. If you meet those requirements, Hilton will usually honor your status with another program and match it.

Tip: This status match process makes getting Diamond status exceptionally easy for those with the IHG card that offers platinum status because Hilton will match IHG platinum status with Hilton Diamond most of the time! Thus, just by showing evidence of one night spent at an IHG property you could earn Diamond status!

What are the benefits of diamond status?


With Diamond elite status, you automatically receive a 50% bonus on all the HHonors Base Points you earn. Hilton HHonors points are not exactly worth a lot but it’s still nice to increase your earnings by 50% with this benefit.


You are guaranteed a room when you make a reservation at least 48 hours prior to your arrival. This is an invaluable benefit for those who travel to big events that often have hotels sold out for those time slots months or weeks in advance. If you’re a business traveller who gets sent out to events or just busy areas at the last minute, this benefit can be one of the most valuable to you.


You will receive every 5th night free on standard room reward stays of 5 nights or more. Silver, Gold and Diamond elite members all get this benefit, so it’s not exactly exclusive, just a nice perk.

Almost all of the the other benefits are the same as Gold but there are a few differences:

  • Guaranteed Discount: A discounted, changeable & refundable rate is exclusively available for Hilton HHonors members.
  • Digital Check-In: choose your room, and customize your stay from your mobile device up to 24 hours in advance.
  • Complimentary in-room and lobby Premium Internet access (only standard internet access for Gold members)
  • Quick reservations and check-ins based on your room preferences
  • Late check-out
  • Express check-out
  • 2nd Guest stays free
  • Complimentary access to fitness centers and health clubs
  • Two complimentary bottles of water per stay

There are also select benefits at different Hilton properties you can take advantage of. Many of these benefits are the same to what is offered to Gold status members but there are some differences. For example, Embassy Suites only offers Gold members “500 HHonors Bonus Points per stay or two snack/refreshment choices per stay.”

The differences between Diamond and Gold are highlighted with red boxes.

Benefits offered to Hilton Diamond members

As you can see, the differences are not huge but do involve better perks, such as lounge access and complimentary breakfasts at certain locations that wouldn’t necessarily be guaranteed with Hilton Gold. Others have reported receiving better room upgrades, presumably as a result of their Diamond status. Thus, while Gold status can often earn you a free upgrade, you may not be brought up to as good of a room as you would with Diamond.

Final Word

In the end, Diamond status offers nice benefits like lounge access and can can be a real life-saver when you’re in need of a hotel room on short notice. However, it’s not clear that the benefits significantly outweigh those of Gold, as most people likely will only be in need of complimentary internet and a breakfast — two benefits that Gold status often provides.

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